Mexican Folk Magic: workshop. October 30, 2022

Mexican Folk Magic


On this workshop we’ll explore the mesmerizing ways of the Mexican Folk Magic, a blend of Native philosophies of healing, religious practices and the undeniable faith of Mexican people. From Maria Sabina to modern Mexican American Practices, superstition and everything in between!

Tuition fee $25.00


Folk magic

Rev. Laura González offers her intuitive gifts as a Spiritual & Community Healer, Priestess and Minister and is a Practitioner of Traditional Mexican Folk Magic, Native Philosophies and North American Paganism in the Goddess tradition. Her community activism is an extension of her spiritual practice, she is an advocate for the Latin American, Pagan & LGBTQIA communities and cares deeply about women’s rights, suicide prevention and diversity inclusion. Laura co-edits the e-zine, El Caldero and publishes regularly there and in Circle Sanctuary Magazine. She is also the founder of Boletin Pagano, a meeting place for Spanish-speaking Pagans. In the past, Laura has been deeply honored to present workshops at events such as Parliament of the World’s Religions, Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride Day, Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day, St. Louis Pagan Picnic, Circle Sanctuary and Pagan Spirit Gathering. She’s a leader in her community as a resident Bruja (healer) and as volunteer ESL teacher at the Aquinas Literacy Center. Laura Gonzalez is also a popular podcaster and producer of her shows, Lunatic Mondays (Lunes Lunaticos) and Paganos del Mundo on Circle Sanctuary Network Podcasts.


Next Event

October 14th at Soltera Creative
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In this workshop, Laura will take us on a journey exploring the origin and traditions of the Day of the Dead. We will descend into the ‘Mictlan’ (the underworld in Aztec mythology). We’ll learn who the underworld deities are and how important they are to our lives. We’ll discover how the honoring of said deities has evolved, surviving conquest, Christianity, and modern time influences to morph and charm the whole world into what we call today «Día de Muertos».
Laura has been a researcher on this topic for 37 years and she’s still learning new discoveries, if you took this workshop before, chances are it will all sound new to you this time around!!
Duration, approx. 90 minutes + Q&A

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